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Endware in Pode is like Middleware, but it runs after a Route. Endware will also run regardless the state of any prior Middleware or Route logic; if a either throws an error (ie: HTTP 500 or 404), then the Endware will still run. Also, if you have multiple Endwares configured, then each will be invoked inturn, but independently of each other - should one of the Endwares fail, the others will still be invoked.

Pode has some inbuilt Endware, namely:

  • Any configured Logging is invoked as Endware.
  • If Sessions are enabled, then session data is persisted as Endware.

Creating Endware

To add a new Endware script you can use Add-PodeEndware, and supply a -ScriptBlock:

Add-PodeEndware -ScriptBlock {
    # logic

The scriptblock for Endware also has access to the WebEvent variable.