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Importing Modules/Snapins

Modules/Snapins in Pode have recently undergone a change, making them easier to use with Pode's many runspaces. This change means you can use the normal Import-Module/Add-PSSnapin at the top of your scripts, and Pode will automatically import them into its runspaces. For more information, see the Scoping page.

The older Import-PodeModule and Import-PodeSnapin still exist - but now mostly just directly call the main module/snapin functions.


Snapins are only supported in Windows PowerShell.


Modules in Pode can be imported in the normal manner using Import-Module. The Import-PodeModule function can now be used inside and outside of Start-PodeServer, and should be used if you're using local modules via ps_modules.

Import via Path

The following example will tell Pode that the tools.psm1 module needs to be imported. This will allow the functions defined within the module to be accessible to all other functions within your server.

Import-PodeModule -Path './path/to/tools.psm1'

Import via Name

The following example will tell Pode to import the EPS module into all runspaces.

If you're using local modules in your package.json file, then Pode will first check to see if the EPS module is in the ps_modules directory. When Pode can't find the EPS module within the ps_modules directory, then it will attempt to import a globally installed version of the EPS module.

# if using local modules:
Import-PodeModule -Name EPS

# if using global modules
Import-Module -Name EPS


Import via Name

The following example will tell Pode to import the WDeploySnapin3.0 snap-in into all runspaces:

Import-PodeSnapin -Name 'WDeploySnapin3.0'

# or just:
Add-PSSnapin -Name 'WDeploySnapin3.0'