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💝 A lot of my free time, evenings, and weekends goes into making Pode happen; please do consider sponsoring as it will really help! 😊

Pode is a Cross-Platform framework to create web servers that host REST APIs, Web Sites, and TCP/SMTP Servers. It also allows you to render dynamic files using .pode files, which is effectively embedded PowerShell, or other Third-Party template engines. Pode also has support for middleware, sessions, authentication, and logging; as well as access and rate limiting features. There's also Azure Functions and AWS Lambda support!

GetStarted QuickLook

🚀 Features

  • Cross-platform using PowerShell Core (with support for PS5)
  • Docker support, including images for ARM/Raspberry Pi
  • Azure Functions, AWS Lambda, and IIS support
  • OpenAPI, Swagger, and ReDoc support
  • Listen on a single or multiple IP address/hostnames
  • Cross-platform support for HTTP(S), WS(S), SSE, SMTP(S), and TCP(S)
  • Host REST APIs, Web Pages, and Static Content (with caching)
  • Support for custom error pages
  • Request and Response compression using GZip/Deflate
  • Multi-thread support for incoming requests
  • Inbuilt template engine, with support for third-parties
  • Async timers for short-running repeatable processes
  • Async scheduled tasks using cron expressions for short/long-running processes
  • Supports logging to CLI, Files, and custom logic for other services like LogStash
  • Cross-state variable access across multiple runspaces
  • Restart the server via file monitoring, or defined periods/times
  • Ability to allow/deny requests from certain IP addresses and subnets
  • Basic rate limiting for IP addresses and subnets
  • Middleware and Sessions on web servers, with Flash message and CSRF support
  • Authentication on requests, such as Basic, Windows and Azure AD
  • Authorisation support on requests, using Roles, Groups, Scopes, etc.
  • Support for dynamically building Routes from Functions and Modules
  • Generate/bind self-signed certificates
  • Secret management support to load secrets from vaults
  • Support for File Watchers
  • In-memory caching, with optional support for external providers (such as Redis)
  • (Windows) Open the hosted server as a desktop application

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🔥 Quick Look!

Below is a quick example of using Pode to create a single REST API endpoint to return a JSON response. It will listen on an endpoint, create the route, and respond with a JSON object when http://localhost:8080/ping is called:

Start-PodeServer {
    Add-PodeEndpoint -Address localhost -Port 8080 -Protocol Http

    Add-PodeRoute -Method Get -Path '/ping' -ScriptBlock {
        Write-PodeJsonResponse -Value @{ 'value' = 'pong' }