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Pode lets you register scripts to be run when certain server events are triggered. The following types of events can have scripts registered:

  • Start
  • Terminate
  • Restart
  • Browser


You can use Register-PodeEvent to register a script that can be run when an event within Pode is triggered. Each event can have multiple scripts registered, and you can unregister a script at any point using Unregister-PodeEvent:

# register:
Register-PodeEvent -Type Start -Name '<name>' -ScriptBlock {
    # inform a portal, write a log, etc

# unregister:
Unregister-PodeEvent -Type Start -Name '<name>'

The scriptblock supplied to Register-PodeEvent also supports $using: variables. You can retrieve a registered script using Get-PodeEvent:

$evt = Get-PodeEvent -Type Start -Name '<name>'



Scripts registered to the Start event will all be invoked just after the server's main scriptblock has been invoked - ie: the -ScriptBlock supplied to Start-PodeServer.

These scripts will also be re-invoked after a server restart has occurred.


Scripts registered to the Terminate event will all be invoked just before the server terminates. Ie, when the Terminating... message usually appears in the terminal, the script will run just after this and just before the Done message.

These script will not run when a Restart is triggered.


Scripts registered to the Restart event will all be invoked whenever an internal server restart occurs. This could be due to file monitoring, auto-restarting, Ctrl+R, or Restart-PodeServer. They will be invoked just after the Restarting... message appears in the terminal, and just before the Done message.


Scripts registered to the Browser event will all be invoked whenever the server is told to open a browser, ie: when Ctrl+B is pressed.