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Server Root

The root path for your server, by default, is always defined by $MyInvocation.PSScriptRoot.

Normally this is enough, and you'll likely never need to change it however, if you should want to change your server's root path, you can alter it in the following ways.


The path you supply in both cases can be literal, or relative to $MyInvocation.PSScriptRoot. If you supply a literal path it will be used instead of the invocation path.


The main way to alter the root path of you server is to use the -RootPath parameter on the server function:

Start-PodeServer -RootPath '../server' {
    # logic

With this, everything from your server.psd1, /views, /public, etc will need to be within the ../server directory.


The other way to alter the root path is via the server.psd1 file:

    Server = @{
        Root = "../server"

In this case, the server.psd1 file will need to be located at $MyInvocation.PSScriptRoot. Everything else will need to be located in ../server.