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In Pode you can add/retrieve cookies for the Request/Response of the current web request. Using the cookie functions has to be done within the context of a web event, such as within Routes; Middleware; Authentication; Logging; and Endware.

Adding Cookies

You can add a cookie to the response by using Set-PodeCookie, and passing the Name and Value of cookie:

Add-PodeRoute -Method Get -Path '/' -ScriptBlock {
    Set-PodeCookie -Name Cookie1 -Value Value1

You can set a duration for the cookie, in seconds, using -Duration, or as an explicit expiry date using -ExpiryDate. For example, to set a cookie to expire after 1 minute:

Add-PodeRoute -Method Get -Path '/' -ScriptBlock {
    Set-PodeCookie -Name Cookie1 -Value Value1 -Duration 60

Getting Cookies

To retrieve a cookie on the request, you can use Get-PodeCookie:

Add-PodeRoute -Method Get -Path '/' -ScriptBlock {
    Get-PodeCookie -Name 'CookieName'

This will return a cookie object with value, duration, etc. To retrieve just the value of a cookie use Get-PodeCookieValue

Removing Cookies

To flag a cookie for removal on the user's browser you can use Remove-PodeCookie, which force the cookie to expire:

Add-PodeRoute -Method Get -Path '/' -ScriptBlock {
    Remove-PodeCookie -Name 'CookieName'

Signing Cookies

You can sign a cookie by supplying a -Secret to any of the cookie functions; supplying it to Get-PodeCookie will attempt to unsign the cookie for the raw value.

Expiry Dates

To update the expiry of a cookie, you can set a duration, in seconds, or as an explicit expiry date using Update-PodeCookieExpiry.