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This page lists the planned features and enhancements that will, hopefully, one day make it into Pode.Web. There is no timeframe on when to expect them, some could be in-progress right now, and others in the future.

Where possible items listed here will have a link to any relevant issues in GitHub.

There is also a Project in the beginnings of being setup for Pode.Web, with milestone progression and current roadmap issues. Plus, there is a Draft Board which contains a range of ideas for Pode.Web features/enhancements which are either brilliant, ludicrous, or down right insane! Draft Issues are purely ideas, and any in the design stage might one day make it in! If you see a Draft Issue you which to discuss, or have an idea for one, please dicuss it over on Discord in the #ideas or #pode-web channel.

🎯 Goal

The main goal for Pode.Web is to make it easier for people who aren't familiar with frontend technologies, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, to be able to build a website purely using PowerShell - and Pode, of course!

The style of the websites, such as Login pages, sidebars, etc. are all fairly static at present; but I'm hoping to loosen this up over time, to make building dynamic sites more feasible.

Pode.Web is still in it's infancy, once it's matured more a v1.0 will be looked into for releasing.

🚢 Releases

Under normal circumstanes Pode.Web releases approximately once every 2 months, where the following month is usually a Pode release.

Sometimes there could be more, if patch releases are needed. But sometimes there could be fewer if peronsal time constraints prevent releases.

📃 Plan


  • Either stick with Bootstrap, move to another framework, or support toggling frameworks - allowing for custom ones
  • Looking into using React for the templates, so make building elements dynamically more possible
  • We have a login page, so why not a registration page! #90
  • Everything uses AJAX at present, if we move to using WebSockets then Output actions can happen on the fly
  • Support for custom element/layout templates, rather than Pode.Web's inbuilt ones
  • If the session cookie expires, then redirect to a session expired page
  • Add proper footer support - where socials, links, and other items can go (and move the "Powered By" as well)
  • Language templating system, to more easily support different langauges

⏩ Future

The Roadmap for now is the current future of Pode.Web, until mature enough to consider a v1.0 release.