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Some -Width, -Height, and -Size parameters for components accept either plain number or a pure CSS value.

When a plain number is supplied these parameters will append a default unit, such as px or %, and use that for the CSS width/height. In some cases, if 0 is supplied then the default value will be auto. For components that support this, they will have a relevant "Size" section in their docs page.

For example, an Image element has a default unit of px for its width/height. If you wanted to add a image of 100px by 100px you could do:

New-PodeWebImage -Source '/url/to/image.png' -Width 100 -Height 100

and Pode.Web will append the default px unit. If instead you wanted a image at 25% and 10em:

New-PodeWebImage -Source '/url/to/image.png' -Width '25%' -Height '10em'