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A hero is a layout that renders with a title, message, and extra optional content. They're the big display messages that are normally seen at the top of websites with buttons like "Download Now!" etc.

A hero can take an array of components via -Content, that can be either other layouts or raw elements.


To create a hero layout you use New-PodeWebHero, and supply it a -Title, -Message and an optional array of -Content.

For example, the below renders a hero with a title, message, and content for further text and a button:

New-PodeWebHero -Title 'Welcome!' -Message 'This is an example Hero for Pode.Web' -Content @(
    New-PodeWebText -Value 'Pode.Web lets you build websites using PowerShell.' -InParagraph -Alignment Center
    New-PodeWebParagraph -Alignment Center -Elements @(
        New-PodeWebButton -Name 'Repository' -Icon Link -Url ''

Which would look like below: