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You can control optional breadcrumbs that appear at the top of each page using Set-PodeWebBreadcrumb and New-PodeWebBreadcrumbItem. By default, pages will show breadcrumbs if the appropriate query string parameters are set (base and value).

Or, you can control the breadcrumbs yourself, by creating breadcrumb items and then setting them on the page. Only one item can be active, and each item can have a URL that clicking the item takes it back to:

Set-PodeWebBreadcrumb -Items @(
    New-PodeWebBreadcrumbItem -Name 'Main' -Url '/pages/PageName'
    New-PodeWebBreadcrumbItem -Name 'SubPage1' -Url '/pages/PageName?value=stuff1'
    New-PodeWebBreadcrumbItem -Name 'SubPage2' -Url '/pages/PageName?value=stuff2' -Active

Which looks like below: