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You can render different types of text/typography to your page by using New-PodeWebText. You can specify the -Value to display, and then a custom -Style to render the text; such as Normal, Bold, Italic, etc. (default is Normal):

New-PodeWebCard -Content @(
    New-PodeWebText -Value 'Here is some Normal text.'
    New-PodeWebText -Value 'Followed by some bold text.' -Style Bold
    New-PodeWebText -Value 'And then some text that is striked through.' -Style StrikeThrough

Which looks like below:



You can add small pronunciation text above displayed text by using -Pronunciation:

New-PodeWebText -Value '漢' -Pronunciation 'ㄏㄢˋ'

(Note: for the above to render properly, use PowerShell 6+)