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File Upload

Events No

The File Upload element is a form input element, and can be created using New-PodeWebFileUpload. It allows users to upload files from your page forms:

New-PodeWebCard -Content @(
    New-PodeWebForm -Name 'Example' -ScriptBlock {
        Save-PodeRequestFile -Key 'File' -Path 'C:\some\path\file.png'
    } -Content @(
        New-PodeWebFileUpload -Name 'File'

Which looks like below:



By default the file upload dialog will accept every file type, but you can filter which files are accepted via the -Accept parameter. This accepts an array of file types/extensions such as:

New-PodeWebFileUpload -Name 'File' -Accept '.png', 'audio/*'

which will accept any .png file, and all sound files.


You can render this element inline with other non-form elements by using the -NoForm switch. This will remove the form layout, and render the element more cleanly when used outside of a form.

Display Name

By default the label displays the -Name of the element. You can change the value displayed by also supplying an optional -DisplayName value; this value is purely visual, when the user submits the form the value of the element is still retrieved using the -Name from $WebEvent.Data.