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Events Yes

The DateTime element is a form input element, and can be added using New-PodeWebDateTime. This will automatically add a date and time input fields to your form:

New-PodeWebCard -Content @(
    New-PodeWebForm -Name 'Example' -ScriptBlock {
        $date = $WebEvent.Data['CreateDate_Date']
        $time = $WebEvent.Data['CreateDate_Time']
    } -Content @(
        New-PodeWebDateTime -Name 'CreateDate'

Which looks like below:



By default both the Date and Time fields are displayed, but you can control which ones are displayed by using the -Type parameter:

# both (this is the default)
New-PodeWebDateTime -Name 'Example' -Type Date, Time

# just date
New-PodeWebDateTime -Name 'Example' -Type Date

# just time
New-PodeWebDateTime -Name 'Example' -Type Time

Display Name

By default the label displays the -Name of the element. You can change the value displayed by also supplying an optional -DisplayName value; this value is purely visual, when the user submits the form the value of the element is still retrieved using the -Name from $WebEvent.Data.