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To play audio clips on your site you can use New-PodeWebAudio. The audio can be set to auto-play and loop, and can also accept multiple sources and tracks.

The sources specified can be done so via -Source and New-PodeWebAudioSource. Sources can only be of type MP3, OGG and WAV, and at least one source must be specified:

New-PodeWebCard -Content @(
    New-PodeWebAudio -Name 'example' -Source @(
        New-PodeWebAudioSource -Url ''

Which looks like below:


Any optional tracks you wish to specify can be done via -Track and New-PodeWebMediaTrack. Tracks can only be of type VTT, and can be used for subtitles, captions, metadata, etc.

The -Language is mandatory if the track's -Type is subtitles, and should be a 2-letter language code.

New-PodeWebCard -Content @(
    New-PodeWebAudio -Name 'example' -Source @(
        New-PodeWebAudioSource -Url ''
    ) `
    -Tracks @(
        New-PodeWebMediaSource -Url '/some/url/path/english.vtt' -Language 'en' -Title 'English' -Type 'subtitles' -Default


The -Width of an audio element has the default unit of %. If 0 is specified then 20% is used instead. Any custom value such as 100px can be used, but if a plain number is used then % is appended.


The following specific events are supported by the Audio element, and can be registered via Register-PodeWebMediaEvent:

Name Description
CanPlay Fires when the browser is ready to play the audio
Ended Fires when the audio has finished playing, unless looping
Pause Fires when the audio is paused
Play Fires when the audio is played, or un-paused


New-PodeWebAudio -Name 'example' -Source @(
    New-PodeWebAudioSource -Id 'sample' -Url ''
) |
Register-PodeWebMediaEvent -Type Play -ScriptBlock {
    Show-PodeWebToast -Title 'Action' -Message $EventType