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From v0.4 to v0.5

This is a brief guide on the breaking changes introduced into v0.5 from v0.4.


The icon pack pre-v0.5 was Feather Icons, however in v0.5 this has been changed to Material Design Icons. This does mean that most of the icon names you're passing to the -Icon parameters now won't work; to find the names for new icons you can search here - the name should be the icon name without the starting mdi-.

For example let's say you need the mdi-github icon, then you only need to supply the github part of the name:

New-PodeWebButton -Name 'Repository' -Icon 'github' -Url ''


On New-PodeWebTable the -Filter and -Sort switches now default to server-side filtering/sorting; where the filter/sort details can be accessed via the following $WebEvent properties in a table's -ScriptBlock:

  • $WebEvent.Data.Filter
  • $WebEvent.Data.SortColumn
  • $WebEvent.Data.SortDirection

For more information, see the table documentation.

To use the original filter/sort JavaScript logic you can use the new -SimpleFilter and -SimpleSort switches.

Page URLs

Pages that you create and assign into groups now have the group name in the URL path.

For example, the following would be a page at /pages/Example:

Add-PodeWebPage -Name Example

Where as the following would be two pages at /groups/Group1/pages/Example and /groups/Group2/pages/Example:

Add-PodeWebPage -Name Example -Group1
Add-PodeWebPage -Name Example -Group2


The -Items parameter on New-PodeWebList now takes an array of New-PodeWebListItems instead. The new -Values parameter takes the original string array.