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💝 A lot of my free time, evenings, and weekends goes into making Pode happen; please do consider sponsoring as it will really help! 😊

This is a web template framework for use with the Pode PowerShell web server (v2.6.0+).

It allows you to build web pages purely with PowerShell - no HTML, CSS, or JavaScript knowledge required!

You can build charts, forms, tables, general text, tabs, login pages, etc. There's a light, dark, and terminal themes, and you can supply a custom CSS file.

GetStarted QuickLook

🚀 Features

  • Like Pode, this is already cross-platform! (with support for PS5)
  • Easily add pages, with different layouts and elements
  • Support for authentication with a login page!
  • Create line, bar, pie, and doughnut charts
  • Support for forms, with all kinds of input elements
  • Show toast messages on the page, or send desktop notifications
  • Display data in tables, with pagination, sorting and filtering
  • Use a stepper for a more controlled flow of form input
  • Or, use a tabs layout for your pages!
  • Show or right code via the Monaco editor (still WIP)
  • Render code in code-blocks with code highlighting!
  • Support for Light, Dark, Terminal, and custom themes

📦 Libraries

The Pode.Web templates are built using Bootstrap, jQuery, Material Design Icons, Chart.js, and Highlight.js.

🔥 Quick Look!

Below is a quick example of using Pode.Web to create a page with a table of all services, and be available at http://localhost:8080/pages/services:

Import-Module Pode.Web

Start-PodeServer {
    Add-PodeEndpoint -Address localhost -Port 8080 -Protocol Http

    Use-PodeWebTemplates -Title 'Example' -Theme Dark

    Add-PodeWebPage -Name 'Services' -Icon 'Settings' -ScriptBlock {
        New-PodeWebCard -Content @(
            New-PodeWebTable -Name 'Services' -ScriptBlock {
                foreach ($svc in (Get-Service)) {
                        Name   = $svc.Name
                        Status = "$($svc.Status)"

And this will render a page that looks as follows: